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Despite the fact that in our mad century scientific and technological progress the diversity of modern means of communication is not what is striking, and became quite familiar and commonplace, we are always pleased to invite you to a cup of coffee. After all, only in private conversation revealed that remains outside the telephone conversations.

Phone: 00 371 (2) 99 998 29  |  Fax: 00 371 (6) 76 737 18  |  Adress: Piejuras 1a-9, Jurmala, Latvia
E-mail:  |  Hours: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm (MTWTF)

If you are in really in a matter of life and death, we will help you and outside working hours, as on work week and even on weekends - but for a fee.

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Now is Era of technology, that's why we can communicate remotely in thousands of kilometers. We can speak using such services like: Skype, ICQ, Chat systems, Emals and etc. Off course, we can also meet each other, even in the middle of the ocean.